Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should we rent or purchase?
A. Although purchasing is most cost effective in the long run,renting can be a good option if the student is unsure about continuing with the same instrument the following year.Music Pro also offers a rent-to-buy option whereby half of the rent cost is deducted from the purchase price at the end of the school year.
Q. Are rental instruments good quality?
A. Our rental instruments are good quality student level instruments either new or in like-new condition. They are built to last with proper maintenance for many years.
Q. How do you price rental instruments?
A. We have the lowest price on our new and previously rented instruments. Rentals are inspected, refurbished and reduced in price each time they are rented.
Q. What happens if a rental instrument needs service?
A. During the rental period Music Pro will do any adjustments necessary at no charge. Accidental or malicious damage, loss or theft - however unlikely - is the renter’s responsibility. Music Pro will also lend an instrument to the student while their rental is being repaired.